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Melanin Mentors

Melanin Mentors was founded by Moe’Nique Warren to offer support and assistance that I as a child wished I had received. Melanin Mentors is a safe place for girls and boys to communicate and speak about their thoughts and feelings. An open space to speak about self care issues, school experiences and more.  The youth will  meet regularly, engaging in meetings and groups as well as field trips. We want our youth to feel more confident, competent and connected with family, friends and the community.  We will be partnering with other Partnerships and Community resources to make Melanin Mentors a nationwide program


Program engages our youth in three directions: Self Love , Empowerment, and Development.


Loving you within. Empowering you by teaching you life skills. Developmental social growth, and affirming the person you’ve  become. 


The Power of Being a Woman and the energy and love we naturally possess while offering nuggets of wisdom, assistance and love to one another.

A monthly meeting for phenomenal women from all walks of life to come together and share thoughts, feelings, emotions, situations and fears. A safe place to breath and share our concerns for life as we see it in our skin. 

To provide an extra layer of support for those who may feel alone are just the need to support others. 

Our meetings will be recorded to air on Radio for other women across the world may be a part of a movement with action and not just words.

1. Acknowledging that you are not alone. 2. Offering support and guidance with fellowship and group meetings. 3.To assist in your goals to make them reality and move forward to a new you one step at a time.

Nspire the Homeless

Make this your own.

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Chine Up & Heels Down

Chin up is always keeping your head held high because you are important. Feet down, never stop moving forward to your goals and dreams. For foster children to help and assist them with clothing and necessities that they are not afforded, to help them transition after foster care. To help and be an additional support Happen at a studio where we will meet and will be recorded to share with their families, friends and the world. A safe place to heal by words. 

Home to Learn School Supplies:

Program to assist the inner city communities with school supplies to help assist with continued learning while at home. To provide the inner city youths with needed school supplies  to stay educated  materials like pens pencils, eraser notebooks etc. 

Spoken Words of Healing

To bring the inner city youth together to share their innermost feelings through spoken word and metaphors to release and expose the hurt and happiness within. While meeting other artists and able to speak about life situations and more. 

Happen at a studio where we will meet and will be recorded to share with their families, friends and the world. A safe place to heal by words. 

Something I myself learned to heal through words that now have become a movie. Words can change minds and heal or teardown and corrupt. Our goal at spoken Word of Healing is to release, relate and accept while using words to move you forward.

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