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My name is Moe'Nique Love and I am writing on behalf of Love N'spired Inc. Our organization is assisting in Changing Lives Today for A Better Future Tomorrow!  At Love N' spired Inc, we are currently focusing on two programs that aim to improve self-love and self-awareness. Our programs are serving the underprivileged population in Las Vegas and our surrounding areas. We will work alongside our communities, and utilize our business partnerships to assist individuals, families, youth, and at-risk teens.  "Where there is hope, there is greatness".


 " Our Future, Our Voice"  is a program that assists disadvantaged (young women and young men 17-23 years of age. Our goal is to give the youth an avenue to voice their ideas, social concerns, and develop life skills that provide a sense of well-being through spoken word, music, and /or poetry. To further affirm each youth, we will hold an annual celebration of affirmation.  Our vision is for the youth to become Ambassadors for Positive Change” in their homes and communities. 

 “ BackPacks with Love '' is a program that is designed to assist Kindergarten - High school students within the inner-city communities.  Our goal is to handout 200 backpacks each school year.  A backpack is an absolute ready preparedness and organization need. It says “I am here, and I am ready to learn!” Children are our future, and what we do today can give them a head start to a bright path. 

Love N'spired is grateful for any size donation (monetary, supplies, food, and/or service) we thank you for your support during these unprecedented times. Each donor will be listed on the donor's page of our website to show our thanks and appreciation.



Moe'Nique Love


You can also dontate using Zelle by using our email: or




Love N'spired Inc.  Non-Profit

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